Khaki Fhelaiii

Ghua seorang khaki fhelaiii yg hardcore, fhelaiii brsama2 ghua dlm beloggg ni.. kepada yg takut fhelaiii jgn bc.. haha ^.^

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


yeah, thats it! i spent another RM200 on new boots
urggh, but still hav to buy la

ok xtually I was interested in buying Nike Mercurial Vapor
but ekonomi tgh gawat, haha
juz bought new Nike Tiempo only
after trying this boots few times, here's the difference between this boots and my old Mercurial
1.little bit heavier than mercurial
2.hard to shoot on goal, always gets above it
3.ball control is juz about the same

hehe, nyway welcome new boots.. yeah!

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