Khaki Fhelaiii

Ghua seorang khaki fhelaiii yg hardcore, fhelaiii brsama2 ghua dlm beloggg ni.. kepada yg takut fhelaiii jgn bc.. haha ^.^

Monday, June 27, 2011

BrOken n RebuilD

what i'm trying 2 sat 2day is juz about my damn feelings
although acting like an Ironman outside, sometimes i'm juz like spongebob inside
haha, or juz like twinkie bitch (yellow on the outside, white inside)
although I rather silent than create havoc, don't think that I'm a puppet here

so about that thing that happen 2 me recently, lets juz keep quite about it
let the grudge grows deep in my heart 2 the person involved
surely i'll cut her head off if she's nothing, luckily I still hav my respect on her
so please respect me as I respect u okay

thank god I hav friends that keep telling me to relax
haha, actually i'll juz sit n do nothing about it
there's nothing I can do about it
juz like a tiny fish in an ocean
attacking 'big fish' will juz make me a food to them, rite?
so let me tell u here MS UNFUCKINGPRO
haha, u'll never and ever get control of me
finally on that day, look who's the 1 that is a winner
who's always cool like blue ocean
that's me, not u that hav become the charcoal in the fire
I'm always like this, hahaha
feel sorry 4 u that u've fall sick
hope u get well better ya